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Experiencing These Challenges?

Toxicity and upsets:Without a way to assess the quantity and health of the biomass in your plant, the impacts of toxicity are usually not known until much later when effluent quality suffers. LuminUltra’s QG21W test kit immediately reveals the onset of toxicity, and by further investigating the situation, the source of the toxicity can be quickly identified and mitigated.

High operating costs: Many process variables such as aeration feed rate can be very energy-intensive and challenging to optimise. By observing the response of the active biomass via ATP results to changes in the set points of these variables, they can each be optimized one-by-one to realize tremendous operating costs.

Solids inventory challenges: Solids handling can be one of the most costly aspects of wastewater treatment, and without knowing how much of your solids inventory is actually alive, it becomes difficult to establish the optimal amount to maintain effective control while avoiding over-populating the bioreactor. Through assessing the Active Biomass Ratio (ABR), you can determine the percentage of solids that is alive in minutes, thus benchmarking the system and guiding the optimization process to reduce solids while maintaining sufficient active biomass.

Sludge bulking: Bulking is typically treated by spraying hypochlorite to kill the filaments, but this approach is expensive and harmful not only to the filamentous species but also the rest of the biomass. An alternative approach is to use LuminUltra’s Floc Bulking ATP (fbATP) test to reveal bulking problems in the early stages of growth, thereby allowing preventative maintenance rather than expensive and ineffective corrective actions.

Side by side comparison of LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® to other microbiological tools.

Why does this happen?

Most operational challenges – bulking, upsets, excessive costs and non-compliance –stem from inaccurate measurements of the true, living biomass in your process. Relying on suspended solids measurements to quantify biomass in your process is insufficient because these measurements also count dead microorganisms and inert materials.

This limitation can lead to delayed or missed diagnosis of operational challenges, resulting in high cost of operation and/or poor quality effluent. The solution to these challenges is accurate, real-time microbiological testing results that enable you to save time, optimize operating costs, and manage treatment process risks.

Our tool will help you realise a new level of process stability and efficiency… in 5 minutes!

For Industries:

  • Detect toxic influent and its impact on your bioreactor
  • Assess damage done by upsets and speed up the recovery process
  • Pace dosing of nutrient blends and biostimulants
  • Assess treatability of challenging substrates through bench scale jar test

For Municipalities:

  • Optimise F/M, Dissolved Oxygen, and other key process variables
  • Eliminate excess solids and minimize sludge handling costs
  • Detect sludge bulking well in advance of conventional parameters (i.e. SVI)
  • Diagnose deflocculation and other settling issues

Accurately measure your true living biomass in minutes.

Wastewater operators, process engineers and plant managers have traditionally relied upon suspended solid measurements to quantify biomass in their process. However, solids tests detect dead biomass and inert material in addition to what is alive, resulting in inaccurate and unresponsive indicators of the living population. While Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) tests are an attempt to be a better indicator of active biomass, it still cannot differentiate between live and dead cells. As such, 2nd Generation ATP monitoring renders this test unnecessary.

Achieve proactive control instead of reacting to process changes.

LuminUltra’s biological monitoring solution provides direct insight into your biomass, allowing you to observe how it responds to the changes around it and establish cause-and-effect relationships with all key variables. The benefits of this new information are many and provide tremendous value straight out of the box.

The perfect complement to your existing control strategy.

Through this complete solution, you can now solve a problem as old as the industry itself.

  • LuminUltra Wastewater (QG21W™) Test Kit
  • LuminUltra Cloud™ Data Management & Decision Support Platform complete with:
    • Mobile app for rapidly inputting and managing data;
    • Robust analysis and reporting to put you in control;
    • Integration with training wiki helps you manage your testing programs
  • PhotonMaster™ Luminometer + Bluetooth Module

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to Operators, Process Engineers, and Plant Managers who manage wastewater treatment processes.

What’s in your water?

Find out through the power of DNA! Within minutes, ATP tests answer the question “Am I in control?”, but what if the answer is “No”? What kind of specific risks are present? Metagenomics profiles can tell you not only what’s there but in what relative proportion. This information identifies why control was lost and how to fix and prevent similar future problems. Ask about our advanced metagenomics testing services – powered by Microbe Detectives.

How can 2nd Generation ATP ® monitoring help to mitigate these challenges?

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. If microbes aren’t detected quickly, they can’t be properly treated – giving them ample opportunity to grow and quickly get out of control. In recognition of this fact, the EPA’s Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) has emphasized the time-sensitivity of microbial contamination detection.

The real-time, accurate quantification of total microorganisms provided by LuminUltra’s solutions afford your team the ability to pinpoint the problem area within a system, apply the treatment, and quantify the efficacy of this treatment or action within a matter of hours compared to days or weeks with traditional methods.

This rapid feedback enables the expedient and proactive adjustment of system operations to ensure that localized problems do not evolve into major problems. Plus, LuminUltra’s solutions are able to quantify all of the microorganisms in any given water sample – including difficult-to-grow microorganisms such as nitrifiers and corrosion-causing sulfate-reducing bacteria!

Using LuminUltra’s solutions as a means to characterize the overall threat offers the ability to mitigate threats in near real-time, while follow-up tests involving specific culture-based methods for targeted microorganisms can be performed to validate control mechanisms and guard against specific microbiological threats such as E. coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Naegleria and other pathogens.

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