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LuminUltra – Drinking Water

Greenville Water has a strong track record of clean water. LuminUltra we’re happy to be a player in their success.

Q&A with our customer Greenville Water

Jeff Czarnecki, Lab Manager with Greenville Water of Greenville, South Carolina has been using LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP solutions since 2012 to help manage nitrification in their distribution system. Hear what he has to say about the benefits of 2nd Generation ATP testing.

Where do you find that you use our ATP tests most frequently?
We began using the ATP test to analyze samples in the distribution system to monitor the microbiological quality of
the water. We’re able to apply the test to a wide range of samples across the network so that we can profile microbiological growth trends and assess overall risk.

What sort of new capabilities have you found that our technology has granted your utility compared to traditional microbiological test methods?
ATP testing allows us to get a faster indication of the microbiological quality of the water compared to traditional testing such as HPC. We found ourselves waiting several days for HPC results to come back, and by the time we had those numbers, it would have been nice to have been able to act on regrowth areas if we had known about them sooner. Also, HPCs don’t pick up nitrifying bacteria while ATP tests do so we’re getting a heads-up on nitrification at the earliest point.

I understand that your utility uses monochloramine to disinfect. As part of this, how has this technology helped in your overall nitrification management program?
Using the ATP results along with other water quality information such as total chlorine, nitrite and free ammonia, we are able to respond to potential nitrification incidents in our distribution system in 1-2 days compared to the 7 days when we were running HPC with R2A agar. The time saved is very critical since nitrification can get out of hand very quickly if corrective action is not taken in a timely manner.

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