AMPTS II Biogas Analyser

Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS II) for on-line lab measurements of ultra low bio-methane and biogas flows.


The AMPTS II makes the measurement and analysis of bio-methane and biogas less labour-intensive, and more accurate.

It has been developed as a universal and standardised platform for all anaerobic biogradeability and methane potential test protocols. There are significant benefits in using the AMPTS II as it enables true comparisons to be made of data from other laboratories around the world.

Parameters Methane, Bio-methane, Methane potential, Biogas from anaerobic digestion

Here are some of the features and benefits of the AMPTS II

1. Outstanding real-time performance

The AMPTS II is an efficient analytical instrument for conducting real-time BMP assays, having sampling, analysis, recording and report generation fully integrated and automated. A multi-channel analyser consisting of 15 parallel reactors and the same number of gas flow meters (flow cells) attached to a data acquisition system, allows for the real-time investigation of a high number of samples.

2. Temperature and pressure compensation

The real-time temperature and pressure compensation feature of the AMPTS II ensures that the impact of measurement conditions can be minimised and data presentation standardised. The temperature and pressure of gas are measured every time a flow cell opens, allowing the user to derive exact kinetic information compensated for any variation over time, while considering the vapour content of the gas. The normalised volumes are presented under dry conditions at 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atm.

3. Automatic removal of gas overestimation

Methane gas overestimation arises after flushing the system with an inert gas such as nitrogen. Consequently, carbon dioxide in the newly formed biogas is mistakenly counted as methane gas. This can lead, in some cases, to an overestimation of methane gas production by as much as 20-30%, and even more depending on the volume of the headspace. The AMPTS II calculates and removes this overestimation, providing for more accurate and reliable data on methane gas production.

4. Network ready & easy access

The AMPTS II is designed to allow easy access from a remote location. Through the use of standard protocols and connections, the AMPTS II behaves like any other unit on an internal network, secured by a user definable password. All interactions with the software are conducted through a web browser using any computer. Thus, experiment monitoring can be carried out with iPhone or iPad mobile devices, systems running on the Android platform, or Windows phones.

5. Stable and reliable operation

The internal software of the AMPTS II runs on an embedded ARM CPU utilising the Linux operating system. This provides for an unmatched stability, data protection and minimum downtime. Thus, users will never experience data loss under normal operating conditions, which is always a risk with PC based solutions. Software updates issued by Bioprocess Control can be installed by the user in a controlled and easy manner.